About the Project

cancon_logo_vertical_RGB_HUGECANCON is a Joint Action co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the 2008-2013 Health Programme. A Joint Action is a project carried out by the European Union and one or more Member States for a common goal – half of the funds are provided by the cooperating Member States and half by the European Union.

The main goal of the CANCON Joint Action is to provide guidance for Member States and policy makers in various fields of comprehensive cancer control – the results of the work carried out in CANCON will be published as a European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control.

CANCON has over 26 partners and a network of over 100 participating institutions throughout Europe – it is coordinated by the National Institute of Public Health Slovenia. CANCON began in late February 2014 and will conclude its activities in late February 2017. For more information on CANCON activities, please see our website – www.cancercontrol.eu.

Useful Links

Here you can find useful links if you want to find out more about skin cancer prevention:


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Check your own skin:


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